10/17, 10:30am: NHL Shots on Goal for Wednesday

Well that was quite an evening.

Overall, Tuesday’s projections went really well. 8-3, +42.03…units? Units is weird, because you’re never going to use your unit size here with this so unproven and you can never get down for that much anyway on the bigger bets. Dollars? I guess, but you may use a multiplier to place your bets. How about widgets? Yes, 42.03 widgets! Love dem Widgets.

Here’s the model thru the 10.17 games:

Overall: 33-24, 649 bet, 119 profit, 18.33% ROI

Team vs Team: 21-14, 522.49 bet, 127.18 profit, 24.34% ROI

Over/Under: 12-10, 126.51 bet, -9.45 profit, -7.46% ROI

Totals did a little better yesterday, which is encouraging, and team vs. team just keeps plowing along. Here are Wednesday’s projections:

NY Rangers (32.35 projected SOG) vs Washington (33.46)

Over 61.5 -120 3.38/2.82

No bet on team vs. team

St Louis (27.32) vs. Montreal (37.98)

No bet on total

Montreal -4.5 -120 10.02/8.35

Boston (27.60) vs. Calgary (36.06)

No bet on total

Calgary -1.5 -120 11.05/9.21

NY Islanders (27.96) vs. Anaheim (25.41)

Under 61.5 -120 7.02/5.85

No bet on team vs. team