Is your real name Locky?

Eventually I'm just going to have a judge make the name-change to Locky official, but in the meantime my wife would prefer I not. My real name is Ken Barkley, and I actually haven't been betting on sports that long.  I worked at ESPN in production for more than a decade, and was in charge of a lot of the video elements and franchises you saw on shows like "SportsCenter," "Olbermann," and eventually "SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt." Eventually I grew tired of working in television, and grew more excited about learning and developing skills in sports betting, and providing content that documents my education and how fun this side of sports can be (sometimes). I've really only been doing this for 2 years seriously, with promising results and a lot more learning and development to go.

What do you do when you aren't writing on this site?

I'm probably placing a bet.  But if I'm not, I also write for The Action Network and occasionally for BangTheBook as well.  You can find much more of my content in those places by clicking the links to get to my author pages.

Can I contact you? If so, how?

The best way to contact me, and to actually get a response, is to tweet at me, or DM me on Twitter, at @LockyLockerson

The next best way to contact me is to email me at, although if your subject line is "parlayed all your picks, went broke" or "owe my bookie 25 large, need part-time work" the content of your message is likely to be ignored. 

I try to answer any and all legitimate queries in a short time span, since part of the fun of this site is engagement with other people who love sports and love gambling.

I like your content, how can I show you support?

If you like my work, thank you.  Also, keep in mind that it's all done for free. You can show support by tipping me on Venmo @LockyLockerson or via PayPal:  You are under no obligation to do either, and are allowed to be greedy with your winnings.  But if you're thinking of clicking the "Online Casino" button after a nice day, maybe just give me the money instead.  I can use it to pay the upkeep on this site and put it towards a lot of other fun site-driven contests and swag.